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201 W 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1L9

Nygel Asselin is a Vancouver based producer, engineer and songwriter, who is best know for his work with Half Moon Run on their Debut Album Dark Eyes. He has also spent years being mentored by legendary record producer GGGarth Richardson.

Analog Equipment

Mic Pre-Amps

1964 AMPEX - 602 Tube PreAmp
1956 Royal Canadian Air Force - Tube Pre Amp (x2)
API - 512C (x2)
Neve - 1073lb (x2)
Apogee - Trak 2
ATI - 8MX2 (8 Channel Pre-Amp/Summing Mixer)
Viking - RP83 (x2)

Dynamic Processors

Aphex - Aural Exciter
API - 2500
BBE - Sonic Maximizer
Empirical Labs - Distressor EL8
KUSH Audio - Fatso
Lindell Audio - 7x-500 (x2)

SPL - Transient Designer
Universal Audio - 1176LN
Urei - LA4 w Eddie Ciletti Mod (x2) 
Universal Audio - LA2A


Harrison - 32EQ
Nightpro - EQ3D (Vintage MAAG Air EQ)