The studio has taken shape in what used to be Greenhouse Studio B Control Room & Lounge. With the removal of the large format SSL console and the addition of a 6 x 10 drum room , and a 4 x 6 amp room the studio is a producer's/songwriter's haven with everything ready to record at anytime.


Recording I/O
Mac Pro 12 Core 2.66 GHz
(2)Focusrite RedNet2 - Ethernet Audio Interfaces - 32 Channels AD-DA
Ampex AG440 2track 1/4" Machine
Dangerous 2BusLT - 16 Channel Summing Mixer
Universal Audio - UAD2 Quad


JBL 4412A powered by Vintage Cerwin Vega A-400
Yamaha NS10m
Krk RPW10 Subwoofer
Presonus Central Station with Remote