A Platinum Album - A Western Canadian Music Award - Matt Millz Remix hits 1,000,000 Spotify Streams

Since my last update in June, I've been busy to say the least. Here's a recap of what I've been up to for the last 6 months. 

Matt Millz & Nyg @ NYG Productions celebrating 1,000,000 streams of Follow You Home (Melt & Nyg Remix) on Spotify. 

Matt Millz & Nyg @ NYG Productions celebrating 1,000,000 streams of Follow You Home (Melt & Nyg Remix) on Spotify. 

In March of 2016 I released my first official Remix. I teamed up with Norwegian remixer MELT to create a fresh spin of Matt Millz' Debut Single "Follow You Home" (click on title to listen to the original).

By mid July, a few months after the release we started to see the remix take off on Spotify. As of January 16th we hit 1,000,000 plays on Spotify. We've made appearances on several Spotify Viral 50 Charts. Including top 10's in Singapore. Norway and Malaysia and top 20 in the United States, and #21 on the Global Viral 50. Matt, Melt and I were super stoked to see the track make an appearance on the Billboard Viral 50 Charts for the week of August 13th, 2016. 

Overall we've seen a lot of growth on the Matt Millz Spotify page, so a huge thank you to everyone who streamed, shared or liked!

We've got some big things on horizon. In the meantime, check out the latest Matt Millz track "CAVE" released just a few months ago. 

Since the success of our first remix collaboration Melt and I teamed up again for a remix of CAIRO's "One At A Time" (click the title to hear the original). Have a listen to our remix on Spotify. Or check out the music video below. 


Lion Bear Fox Debut Self Titled LP.

This album is several years in the making and I'm excited for everyone to finally hear it. It is set to be released on February 17, 2017, however, if you'd like a taste you can pre-order the album now and get your hands on the first single "Battle of Me". 
Mixed by Howard Redekopp 
Mastered by Troy Glessner
iTunes  Spotify

Goodwood Atoms -  The End    (Production/  Engineering/  Songwriting)   iTunes      Spotify

Goodwood Atoms - The End
iTunes  Spotify

Goodwood Atoms -  Into The Bay      (Production/  Engineering/  Songwriting)    iTunes       Spotify

Goodwood Atoms - Into The Bay
iTunes   Spotify

Hollow Twin   -  Bound By Blood    (Production, Engineering, Mixing, Songwriting)   iTunes       Spotify

Hollow Twin - Bound By Blood
(Production, Engineering, Mixing, Songwriting)
iTunes   Spotify

Belvue - Leave The Light On EP (Released August 30th, 2016)   (Production/Engineering/Songwriting) Mixed by:  Ben Kaplan   Mastered By:  Brock McFarlane    iTunes       Spotify

Belvue - Leave The Light On EP (Released August 30th, 2016)
Mixed by: Ben Kaplan 
Mastered By: Brock McFarlane

iTunes   Spotify

Socan At The Farm

September 27th t0 October 2nd I took a road trip back to The Farm Studios on the sunshine coast. I've spent a lot of time there before, building studios, making records and the occasional party with GGGarth and his family. This time it was different I was lucky enough to be invited to a writing camp that SOCAN had put together. This was an amazing trip I had the pleasure of writing with so many talented artists, musicians and producers. Over the course of 4 days 16 songs were recorded amongst 12 songwriters and producers. 

It's was a truly amazing experience that really helped me grow as a songwriter and meet so many great people! Thanks to Barb Sedun and Coralie Hummel from SOCAN, Garth Richardson and Diane Lamb our hosts at The Farm Studios and Garth's personal chef Bruce. Much love to all my new friends and collaborators. Cassie Dasilva, Parker Bossley (Gay Nineties), Mike Edel, Mike Evin, Braeden Horbacio (Panic Land), Chris Kirby, Frazer MacThe Market Kids, Dan Moxon (Bend Sinister), Fintan O'Brien, Ian Smith and Adam Stanton!

BreakOut West / WCMAs

One of the highlights of the fall was when I was nominated in the Audio Engineering Category at the Western Canadian Music Awards for the 2nd year in a row for my work on Jon Bryant's album Twenty-Something. As it turned I won! This being my first award  (I've been nominated for other projects in the past) I was honoured to receive it.

Huge thanks to everyone at BreakOut West and The WCMAs and especially to everyone who voted for me. Thank you!

YVR to YYZ for a Month

From mid-November to mid-December I traded in the typically mild weather of Vancouver for the more frigid temperatures and a bunch of snow that is Ontario.... But it was so worth it!

I stayed in the cosiest AirBnB,with a rain shower and a fireplace. It was the perfect songwriters haven. Thanks to my amazing publishing team (Red Brick Songs) Jana, Amy, Chris and Jennifer (Steve you should have come to the rave and then you would be getting a thank you).  

I made so many new friends and was able to meet up with some old ones as well; overall I had a fantastic and very productive trip.

Shout out to all my collabs in YYZ - Modern Space, Ascot Royals, Zanski, Milôs Angelov, Bellwoods, Maya K, Frazer Mac, The Market Kids, Ian Smith, Mike Evin, James Ledlie, Lyon, Chloe Charles, Donny Anderson, Command Sisters,  Jules, Fast Romantics, Will Whitwam (The Wilderness of Manitoba).

Also a huge thank you to my rock of a wife Amanda Hawkshaw who held down the fort and lived the single mom life for a month. Thanks so much for pushing me to pursue my crazy dreams.

Half Moon Run's "Dark Eyes" Certified Platinum

My daughter Nora rocking her Half Moon Run Toque at her first concert in Victoria, BC.

My daughter Nora rocking her Half Moon Run Toque at her first concert in Victoria, BC.

10 years ago I had no idea what I was doing with my life, completely lost and buried in school debt with no goal in life other than to play music. Fast forward to now and I just got word that an Album I produced and engineered 5 years ago has been certified Platinum in Canada. I never would've imaged that would be possible. Very proud of Half Moon Run and honoured to share in the success of Dark Eyes! I also had the pleasure of ending off the year with watching them play Massey Hall in Toronto, The Orpheum in Vancouver and The McPherson Playhouse in Victoria where I was able to bring my daughter, Nora, for her first concert.