"Drifting" By Nate Eiesland, STACEY and NYG hits over 155,000 plays

"Drifting" has quickly become a favourite amongst many music bloggers and recently passed 155,000 plays on Sound Cloud. It's the 2nd release from the Read Brick Songs writing retreat, a musical journey that brought together 15 songwriters from across North America at Deer Hurst Resort in Muskoka, Ontario. They were given the task of writing and recording 15 songs in 3 days. 


Heres what some bloggers are saying about "Drifting". 

MUSIC UNMASKED  - “You see, it is hard to write how music makes you feel when it leaves you displaced from reality and wondering into an emotional abyss. The delicacy, the sentiment and the harmonic compassion conveyed from this acoustic ensemble is potently pure and just when you think ‘Drifting’ has captured your breath, you get the haunting cry of “I gotta get out” and suddenly you freeze. Astounding.”

THE MUSIC NINJA  - “Drifting quickly captivates both the ears and the very hearts connected to it with its instrumental foundation of guitars pickings, elongated piano chords and lyricism that echos something that was once beautiful but is no more." 

SITE OF SOUND - "Drifting was produced by Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run) and is a spiritual, indie folk tune with endless emotional depth and a hint of loneliness that will cut through the toughest of human."

SCIENTISTS OF SOUND - "spellbinding, the fluttering of guitars and anguished vocal cries serves to be an all encompassing tale echoing in a sentimental longing." 

Take a listen, and please give it a share! 

Written By: Nate Eiesland of On an On, STACEY and NYG

Produced, Engineered and Mixed By: NYG

Mastered By: Jeff Dalziel

Artwork By: Jana Cleland