Matt Millz - Follow Up Single "Linin' UP" Getting Love From Around the World!!

Have a listen "Linin' Up" below thanks to the awesome people at MORNetwork and MORIndie (New York, USA)

Here's what people are saying; 

“Linin’ Up” starts off softly but builds into a full-on indie rocker with an infectious refrain of “ooh’s”.
— Sarah Murphy @ Exclaim! (Canada)

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This is your ticket to helplessly singing Oohooo’s all the way: Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Matt Millz drops his “Linin’ Up” track for the pleasure of your earworms.
— (Germany)

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The first time we heard “Linin’ Up” by Matt Millz, we weren’t paying close attention, but did appreciate the quality of his voice and the gentle guitar play. Then, all “oo” broke loose.
Our best guess is that “Linin’ Up” is a song about a failed relationship. The “sugar house” represents the relationship. But the powerful hook that pulls a listener into the song is the chorus...
— Indie Obsessive