My Musical Journey With - Your Chance to Pre Order their Debut Full Length! playing the Dakota Tavern @ CMW 2013 playing the Dakota Tavern @ CMW 2013

It was March 2013 when I made the trek back to the frigid Ontario climate to attend Canadian Music Week (CMW).  It's always great heading back to Toronto to see old friends and discover new bands. A good friend of mine shot me a text to fill me in on an killer band playing at the Dakota Tavern. Unfortunately CMW is crazy hectic bouncing from show to show and I was only able to catch their last song but that's all it took for me to realize I had to work with this band. I knew if we got into the studio we could make magic that would captivate listeners and leave them wanting more. I approached Dante  (lead guitar/background vocals) and mentioned that I would love to talk further about working together and briefly gave my best to Nate (lead vocals/guitar) before I was shooed away by the stage manager. at The Farm Studios at Fader Mountain Sound with NYG Productions at The Farm Studios at Fader Mountain Sound with NYG Productions

That band was and now a year and a half later we are gearing up for the release of their debut full length! The album was mixed by Ben Kaplan at Kaplan Krunch, mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering and I had the pleasure of Producing and Engineering along with doing some songwriting and programming. We spent a total of 16 days and nights recording in The Farm Studios at Fader Mountain Sound and refused to come up for air until we were all infatuated with the album we had created . Due to the pending arrival of my beautiful daughter one additional album track and an acoustic bonus track were recorded in Ontario with the incredibly talented engineer Nick Bonin

All in all this record changed my life and I hope you like it. I was inspired by every member of and their dedication to their art. Whether we were hashing out chord progressions or lyrics, working on drum patterns, tweaking guitar pedals or adding more layers of violins, we were having the time of our life. This was and continues to be a recording experience I will never forget! Big thanks to the entire band for inviting me into their world with open arms and minds. 

Now that the record is complete we are all asking for your support. As most of you who read this are musicians yourself you understand how important each and every album purchase is. So please I am asking you as a friend to support the music you and I strive to create. Pre-order your copy here.

Much Love!