Matt Millz Debut Single "Follow You Home" Turning Heads - Here's How It All Came To Be

Matt Millz is a legend in the making. This guy can rip on guitar, drums, bass and synths. He can also program any instrument better than most musicians can actually play them.  On top of all of that he has an amazing voice with several different vocal styles, from 80's hair metal to Buble-esque to soft indie folk.  The latter is the voice I fell in love with. 

Millz and I first met after he took the long trek down from Yellowknife to attend Nimbus School of Recording Arts and I instantly knew he was full of raw talent.  We had our first chance to hang in the studio in March of 2013 when I was working with Alex Biro at The Farm Studios on his debut EP We//All//Die//Young.  From there we joined forces working with Elle O'Brien making magical electronic/pop music.

Matt Millz and Nygel Asselin at NYG Productions Follow You Home

Unfortunately we both had very hectic schedules and it took some time for us to get to work on his music. When we finally made it into the studio Matt came armed with truly amazing ideas.  From there we moulded and crafted those ideas into "Follow You Home" (which you can check it out on youtube here and buy it on BandCamp here) and "Linin' Up" which will be available in the near future. 

Since "Follow You Home" was released on September 25th it's had over 3,000 plays on SoundCloud and roughly 2,000 plays on YouTube (since this past Saturday).  We've had people from across the music industry and community reach out about this track and we are so happy for the love and support!

Take a look at what people have been saying...

The Music Ninja - September 25th, 2014

"....With cascading vocal ranges carefully caressing the calculated fingerpicking of his acoustic guitar, this tune boasts nothing more than just that and subtle atmospheric elements which help give the song its earthy soundscape and enchanting progression.
It’s raw, emotional, and inspirational, leading the listener down a heart-tugging journey led by Millz’s refined, yet sometimes rugged vocals. Kudos to both Millz and Nygel Asselin, whom co-wrote and produced this endearing folk gem."
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Pause Musicale - September 29th, 2014

**Translated to English**

"With a voice able to catch the hearts of his cloudy patch, Matt Millz on Follow You Home weapon spirit haunting harmonies. This singer, producer, songwriter going all out for its first track, offering intimate sweet melody...."
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MORIndie - October 3rd, 2014

"Brilliance from Matt Millz, a songwriter with a distinctly heartfelt voice, and Nygel Asselin, who brings out Matt's talents in full."
To see the video click here.


Matt and I can't thank you enough for your continued support. We will continue to hound you to like and share and maybe even buy his music on Band Camp, and in return we will continue to pour our hearts and souls into the music we create. ( the way we are working on several more songs at the moment and can't wait for you all to hear them.)

Special thanks go out to Jana Cleland @ Red Brick Songs, Clayton Warwick @  The Music Ninja, Ash @ MORIndie, Deborah @ Pause Musicale and lastly to Millz, I F#$%@n' love ya brother!